Who are we?

We are simply humans striving to be Christians only without ever claiming to be the only Christians. We have no church organization other than our local congregation at Frederick. Churches of Christ and Christian Churches desire to worship and practice our faith with the simplicity and power that is described in the New Testament. We base our beliefs and activities on the authority of the Bible. Although we understand that our worship and the ways we carry out our activities are shaped by habits and traditions, we make every effort to ensure they are based on clear Biblical teaching. Because our congregation is independent, you may see variations in some points of teaching and worship with other Restoration Movement churches. It is our responsibility as a church to study and learn as best we can what is God’s will for our congregation in all that we do.

Sunday Morning Bible Study 9 am
Sunday Worship 10 am
Sunday Evening Bible Study 6 pm
Wednesday Family Dinner 6 pm
Wednesday Bible Study 7 pm

Link to Google Maps for 1305 N. Market Street, Frederick, Maryland