Church of Christ Disaster Response Team

is working with churches in the Bahamas and North Carolina. 

Here is what we know about North Carolina:

**Residents of Ocracoke Island, NC were evacuated by air after catastrophic flooding on the Island from Hurricane Dorian.

**It appears that access to the Island is being restored, and that we will be given access to Ocracoke and are working with local officials on securing a building we can use for our operations center.

**We now have a location to set up at on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.  It will take several days to work out the logistics to get generators, supplies, etc. onto the island.  We will update soon.

**We will post our location and details on how to volunteer as soon as possible.  Please be patient with us while we work out all the logistics of getting into this location.


Here is what we know about the Bahamas:

**The Marsh Harbour Church of Christ building in Abaco has been completely destroyed. Many church members have lost their homes.

**The Freeport Church of Christ on Grand Bahama has wind and water damage to the
building as well as displaced members.

**The Highbury Park church in Nassau is working on helping displaced members.

**We are still not able to get into these areas but we’re continuing to work on logistics when the time comes that we can.

**DRT will be working with missionaries in The Bahamas.  We will not be there physically, but we will be helping financially, and possibly by sending items that are needed.

**As ALWAYS, prayers are an IMMEDIATE way for you to help, so please keep praying for all those that have been affected by Hurricane Dorian!!

If you are not able to come and help physically, please pray about helping us financially.


Donations can be made through https://www.churchesofchristdrt.org/​ or by mail to: 
Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team
9285 S. State Route 202

Tipp City, OH  45371

We appreciate you!

If you desire more information please contact us at 937-308-7593.

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