Eternal Threads

“Weaving Hope and Justice”-Founder Linda Egle

Our mission is “weaving hope and justice” to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking.  Purchasing their handmade artisan products at fair trade wages provides sustainable livelihood.  Hope for the future for rescued girls in Nepal and women in Afghanistan is provided through vocational skills training, literacy and small business classes.

The girls and young women in the villages of Nepal are especially vulnerable to sex traffickers who deceive them into believing they will help them get a legitimate job.  Eternal threads is providing vocational training in tailoring to “at risk” girls, giving them the skills to earn an income that will protect them from exploitation and give them  hope for a better life.

In cooperation with our partners, Eternal Threads is able to help save over 2,000 girls a year from traffickers.  Rescued girls who live in the safe houses from six months to a year, not only receive counseling, but also vocational tailoring and beautician training. 

By giving them sustainable income, we weave threads of hope and justice into their lives for generations beyond.



Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies

NIATS is a preacher training school opened in 1957, but closed in 1988 due to a border clash, then reopened in 1999.  The school is adjacent to but separate from IHCF’s Nigerian Christian Hospital.  Our contact is Doug Wheeler of Norman, OK.

Over 200 NIATS graduates are planting churches across Nigeria.

From NIATS Students:

   With great pleasure in our hearts, we express our immeasurable appreciation to you, for your love an deep concern for our institution.  We commend you and others of our sponsors for your indefatigable efforts concerning the students’ welfare and the expansion of the academic horizon of the institution.  We say thank you and God bless you all.

From NIATS Chairman, Dr. Gideon Nwaaeze:

    Help us to let your brethren know that we love them for the good work they are doing.  Help us to let them know that we have several challenges.  Help us to let them know that our teachers need extra encouragement to enable them to do their work effectively.  Help us to let them know that we are praying for them at all times,  Help us to let them know that we hope to meet with them if not here, then in Heaven, and God bless!