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Tim and Bambi Warden - Philippines

  • Timothy and Bambi have been working as full time missionaries in the Philippines since 1992
  • The church now has 200-300 members who attend 3 weekend services. Members are cared for in 15-20 different home cell groups that meet weekly throughout the city and villages
  • Last year, over 50 people were baptized into Christ
  • The church owns a multi-purpose building. The building is open 7 days a week to the public and each day of the week there are evangelistic, faith-building and recreational activities for all ages. Once a week, Christian doctors hold clinics giving services and medicines for free
  • The church owns 13 shipping container vans that are currently under renovation to be converted into classrooms for a school that will open soon
  • Timothy has won the respect of the City Mayor who has given him the freedom to teach the Bible on thecampus of one of the largest high schools in the area. The City Mayor also asked Timothy to take over the operations of the Teen Center which feeds the city's poorest and high-risk kids; many who can not attend public school.

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Philippines Mission Video 2012

October 2017

 2016 update
Two versions available. Edited or the full 24 minute video

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Ray's Testimony
(added 10/15/16)

Ray, an American 'biker dude', lives a good part of his year in the Philippines. Someone invited him to church; and he actually came with his Filipina girlfriend whom he had met in an exotic nightclub. They were both welcomed and loved; and kept returning with a openness to the good news about Jesus.

It turns out that Ray had exposure to Bible teachings when he was young, and was feeling convicted about his present lifestyle. Over time, God gave him new and right desires; even to make the tough decision to separate from the girl he was living with. Bambi and I shared the gospel with his girlfriend, and introduced her to Jesus. She studied the Word of God, was baptized, and now works at a call center in Manila.

Ray has likewise continued on with the Lord. He has grown in the faith; and is now taking Bible classes in our training academy. In the video link below, he tells of his experiencing the joy of serving during an Encounter weekend while others were getting to know Christ.

Ray's video



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